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Astra Honda Motor

PT Astra Honda Motor (AHM) is part of Astra International, which is engaged in the particular automotive vehicles. Astra Honda Motor has 3 facilities assembly plant, the first factory is located in Sunter, North Jakarta, which also serves as headquarters

Astra Honda Motor currently has a production capacity of 4.2 million units of motorcycles per year, to demand the motorcycle market in Indonesia continues to increase. One of the peak performance achieved by PT Astra Honda Motor is the attainment of production to 20 million in 2007. This achievement is the first achievement that were achieved by the motorcycle industry in Indonesia, even to the level of ASEAN.

Astra Honda Motor will continue to work producing motorcycles safely and economically in accordance with the expectations and needs of the people of Indonesia.

Corporate Identity

Astra Honda Motor Logo


The employee of Astra Honda Motor is rewarded for achievement and ability, if you are a qualified candidate, we wait for you to join our company. Please select the open position at Astra Honda Motor Jobs