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Perum Pegadaian

Perum Pegadaian Profile

Perum Pegadaian is a state owned enterprise engaged in lending to public service on the basis of legal mortgage. Perum Pegadaian provide credit to all the people of Indonesia with low interest rates to assist in developing micro-enterprises in Indonesia.

The company is derived from the Dutch-owned company that was established in August 20, 1746 "Bank van Leening" the financial institutions that provide credit to the mortgage system. Dutch East Indies government issued the "Gazette" No. 131 dated March 12, 1901 which provides that the pawnshop business is government monopoly and dated 1 April 1901 established the first state Pawnshop Sukabumi, West Java. Furthermore, every 1st April is celebrated as the birthday of pawnshop.

Perum Pegadaian currently led by Suwhono as Managing Director and the head office is located at Jl. Kramat Raya No.163.

Perum Pegadaian start developing business in other forms, such as the property and auction services, but the main business sector remains in the credit and mortgage

Corporate Identity

Perum Pegadaian Logo

Perum Pegadaian corporate identity consisting of a combination of text "Pawnshop" with the symbol "tree and weights" reflecting protect, friendly, transparent, easy and sturdy.
  1. "Shade tree" is protect and help people, Always growing and evolving, Reflecting shade, the color green is the color of agrarian familiar with the small community.
  2. Black scales balance and openness in service and uphold honesty,
  3. Text "Pawnshop" in italics as "Simple", practicality and convenience, dynamic, constantly moving forward. While the block letter symbolizes courage and strength.
Career and Jobs

Perum Pegadaian Persero Admission Committee always trying to develop and strengthen the Company's Human Resources system to strengthen company network. All information about "Pegadaian Recruitment" can be accessed at Recruitment Pegadaian Persero