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Sang Hyang Seri Persero

Sang Hyang Seri Profile

Sang Hyang Seri Persero is a government-owned company engaged in the field of agricultural seed, seed crops, horticulture, farming, forestry, animal husbandry, fishery. The company is derived from the Dutch government-owned company named "Pamanukan & Tjiasem Lands"

SOE Ministry plans to merger "Sang Hyang Seri Persero" with "Pertani Persero" next year. The merger is intended to support national food security program that requires the contribution of SOEs. "Enterprises are targeting one million hectares of agricultural land in 2014."

Sang Hyang Seri Persero led by managing director "Kaharuddin" and "Ir. R. Hidajat Aziz, MM" as the chief commissioner.

In agriculture sector, Sang Hyang Seri Persero has produced some excellent products, such as SL 8 SHS (Hybrid Rice Seed), SHS 4 (Hybrid Corn Seeds), DG 1 SHS (Modern Technology Rice Seed), WM 4 SHS (Rice Seed Quality)

The head office of  Sang Hyang Seri Persero is located in Pusat Wisma Benih Jl. Dr Saharjo 313 Jakarta Selatan.

Sang Hyang Seri Logo

Sang Hyang Seri Logo
Sang Hyang Seri Logo

Logo Meanings
  • S is the initial of Sang Hyang Seri
  • The number of leaves are 5 ​​pieces, it means the date of company establishment
  • The number of panicles are 5, it means the company was established on May
  • The number of grain are 71, it means Sang Hyang Seri was founded in 1971
  • "Petals" represents the nature of openness of the company to provide quality and service guarantee
Jobs Announcement

The company opportunities please check at "Sang Hyang Seri Jobs"