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Bank Sumsel Babel Recruitment

Bank Sumsel Babel was established on November 6, 1957 with original name PT Bank Pembangunan Sumatera Selatan. The bank has a vision in making Leading Bank in Serving SMEs to Boost Economic Growth Sumsel Babel and also Improving Organizational Performance,  Competitiveness, Partnership and Contribution to Regional and Environmental Concern.

Bank Sumsel Babel Logo

Bank Sumsel Babel is located at Jakabaring Palembang and currently managed by Yusri Effendi as President Commisioner and Asfan Fikri as President Directoor. Until now, Bank Sumsel babel continues to develop banking products and services in accordance with market demand.

Bank Sumsel Babel always appreciate the efforts of each employee and strive to achieve company objectives through setting high standards of work quality and realistic and ensuring every employee strives to achieve the level of achievement is the reference for the work environment. Currently, we are opening vacancies in 2013 with detail qualification below

Job Positions bank Sumsel Babel

  • Indonesian
  • Healthy condition both physically and mentally
  • GPA Min 2,75 for PTN and 3.00 for PTS
  • Computer literate
detail qualifications and how to apply please refer to an official announcement